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Comrade! Prepare for the ultimate paintballing stag party at a top secret location just outside Leeds. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the enemy down using speed, stealth and team work in the game zones of a 50-acre woodland arena.

The Leeds outdoor arena puts other paintballing sites to shame. It's got 10 different game zones with bunkers, bridges, bases, mud pits, trenches, dense natural cover and a fort. For the full-on military experience, add smoke grenades and thunder flash pyrotechnics for a tiny additional cost. You'll be glad you did when you're leading your squadron through a no holds barred, balls out war zone!

There are plenty of game scenarios to choose from, including Black Hawk Down, Omaha Beach, and our personal favourite: Hunt the Stag. Doesn't matter whether you're into Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum, Sly Stallone or big Arnie. Right here, right now, you and your stag party get to live out their wildest fighting fantasies!

We particularly like the anti-mist coating the Leeds paintball company has put on its protective goggles. When you're in the middle of an unrelenting firefight, you will too.

Stag Party Paintballing Includes:

  • Mission briefing
  • Game marshals
  • Compressed air markers
  • Anti-mist thermal goggles
  • Camo gear
  • Ammunition belt
  • 100 paintballs (more available on site)