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  • Footgolf
  • 3 Course Meal and 3 Beers
  • Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £159.00 Per Person

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Gents. The geniuses who brought you bubble football have found a new way to make the beautiful game hilarious. We're delighted to present the world's first opportunity to have a kickabout on a golf links: footgolf!

Footgolf is guaranteed stag party gold from first tee off to final hole. Dressed in appropriate golfing togs (except for the spiky shoes, trainers are par for the course in footgolf), a chap kicks off from the tee and aims to get his football into the oversized hole in as few strokes as possible. Cruyff drags and fancy-pants footwork are not allowed: every strike must be conducted with the whole foot, just like a free kick.

The winner is the player who completes 12 holes in the fewest possible kicks. Victory dances are acceptable, as is mocking the stag for being rubbish.

Our Leeds course is just a few kilometres out of the city centre. Pile the lads onto a minibus in their best Argyle socks, and prepare to do battle in sidesplitting style!

Absolutely classic for fancy dress, and a brilliant way to satisfy the non-golfers and golfers alike, footgolf is destined to become the stuff of stag party legend. Make sure you take your kicks in turn, and remember: a gentleman never interferes with another gentleman's punt!

In a nutshell:

  • Hilarious cross between golf and football
  • 12 holes at a golf course just outside Leeds
  • £5 per person returnable security deposit

3 Course Meal and 3 Beers

We've got the formula for the ideal stag do dinner: a 3 course meal and 3 beers. Let's face it, a lads night out in Leeds is going to be large and very messy. Get some grub in before you hit New Briggate and you'll be fully fuelled and ready to rock the party.

Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding is for the hangover! You need different kind of fodder for a stag night. Get your laughing gear round a 3 course meal and wash down with 3 beers at a Leeds centre party venue close to the train station. This place has the lot: restaurant, bars and dancefloors. You could stay here until 3am and be perfectly happy.

No tiny parcels of meat or artsy fartsy veg arrangements with a smear of foam on the side. This is man food! Everyone in the stag party will be pleased with the starters, mains and desserts. We're talking filthy burgers and fat chips, pulled pork, obscenely large onion rings, chicken wings and chilli cheese fries.

Tuck into a 3 course meal with 3 beers, toast the groom and then try your charm and chat up lines on the fine honeys at one of the stylish bars.

Night Club Entry

A Leeds stag night without clubbing would be like Bavaria minus beer. This is a city that loves to get its groove on to everything from funk and soul to cheese and classics. Add nightclub entry to your list of essentials and join the clubbing collective.

We'll sort group entry to one of the most popular nightclubs in Leeds city centre. Located just off Great George Street, this behemoth has 8 rooms, 8 bars and 6 dancefloors. Dance like your dad in the disco-tastic retro room. Get a taste of Ibiza in the white room. Knock back cocktails with hula girls in the tiki bar. This classy club has distractions and temptations at every turn.

No splitting the group, pairing up or the dreaded 'not tonight, lads' from the bouncers. With nightclub entry sorted in advance, the stag night will be plain sailing. That means no worrying for the best man, a stag group well satisfied no matter what its tastes: and so many lovely ladies getting their funky stuff moving you won't know where to look first.

Our recommendation: try out every bar in the club, pick your favourites, and make a plan. It'd be a shame to stay in just one place when you have all those dancefloors to choose from.

2 Nights Accommodation

It's a hell of a place for a stag do, but where do you start when it comes to scoring two night's accommodation in Leeds? Don't panic! We known West Yorkshire's finest inside out and will secure rooms for the boys on budget in the heart of the city. Hotels, hostels, apartments - you name it, we can sort it!

Like any major stag do destination, Leeds has its dedicated party zones. The trick is to be near enough to get back to your hotel easily after a skinful, but not right next door to a club with a massive sound system. Nor do you want to end up in a hotel that says it's centrally located just off the M1 but is actually nowhere near the biggest nightlife areas like Call Lane, New Briggate and North Street.

Let us know what you need from a hotel, hostel or apartment for a stag weekend in Leeds. If you're driving, on-site parking is a winner. If you're travelling by train, two nights' accommodation within walking distance of Leeds Railway Station will make life easy.

On a budget? Ask us about hostels and backpackers near big landmarks like the Leeds Corn Exchange.

Want an upmarket stag weekend? Request two nights' accommodation in a 4* or 5* Leeds hotel on City Square.


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From Only £159.00 Per Person

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