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Package Includes

  • Stag Fiesta Night
  • Paintballing
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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From Only £144.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Stag Fiesta Night

Food, fanny and free booze - what could be better on your best mate's last nights of freedom? Send him off like royalty with this feast for the man senses: two courses of hearty bloke food, beer to wash it all down and a one or two girl strip show for dessert!

You'll get a reserved area in a central Krakow restaurant, plus a gorgeous female guide to put you through your paces. She'll act as interpreter, and she's great fun too. On the menu for the evening is a super-hot stripper, a bunch of Polish food (or you can pick burgers and chicken fillets if you prefer), plus a beer for each course.

As if that wasn't tasty enough, you can also add extra ladies to the mix for a surcharge. Make it a lesbian show for a sight your buddy will never forget! Lovely Polish ladies making each other happy while you munch through your own plate of pleasing: sounds like a pretty good way to start off an evening if you ask us. Book your stag party dinner on the first night to get the boys into the swing of things, or leave it for the centrepiece of the second, before you head out to party Krakow style.


Paintballing is a solid gold stag party favourite, and in Krakow you get more than your average war. We've found a brilliant paintball location, which offers both indoor and outdoor playing areas to capitalise on the afternoon no matter what the weather's doing. There's a forest, perfect for recreating scenes from The Deer Hunter or Casualties of War; a bunch of purpose built bunkers and buildings; plus obstacles to throw yourself over, hurl yourself under or hide behind.

You'll get 200 paintballs each, a protective uniform, and a semiautomatic paint gun capable of firing bursts of ammunition. Waste the stag in a team effort, capture the fort and defend the base. When you're done playing team games it's time to move onto the death match: like playing four-person Goldeneye on the N64 only real. Sneak up on the stag and double tap him, or perfect your long range sniping!

Just 20 mins outside Krakow, this is the perfect activity for stag parties that want to blow off some steam before getting back on the beers. Lock it, load it and get your war face on. This might look like a game to the casual observer, but then they weren't there, man.

Airport Transfers

Question - how would you like to spend the first couple of hours of your stag weekend in Krakow? Wandering around John Paul II International Airport trying to find a trustworthy cabbie? Or cruising into the city like a bunch of rock stars, all limo'd up with your own private strip show? Yep, thought so.

You don't have to have naked hotties if you don't want to: we can hook you up with a luxury minibus or coach to do the airport transfer into Krakow city. But seeing as this is a stag do, we reckon it would be daft not to kick things off in style. While your chauffeur points your top-notch limo in the direction of your accommodation, you'll be in the back getting jiggy with it. Champagne, tits and g strings. Awesome.

However you choose to hit Krakow city centre, by limo or by luxury bus, an airport transfer is the ideal way to start off your stag weekend. No fuss, no mess, just an easy life. And you'll be quicker, too, which means more drinking time.

Don't forget the other end of the stag do, either. Having a guaranteed transfer back to the airport on the Sunday is the perfect way to avoid heart attacks and missed planes!

Upgrade to a party bus, crazy school bus, limo or hummer with stripper for an additional cost.


The 18 districts surrounding Krakow's Old Town Square are packed with places to stay - and if you don't know where you're going, you can end up a long way out from where the action is! Avoid booking a hotel or hostel in the wrong part of town: let your stag party co-ordinator sort you out with the best beds at the best prices, bang in the thick of the action and on the nail for your budget.

If you want to splurge for a high-livin' stag weekend the groom to be will never forget, talk to us about booking a luxury hotel in Krakow Old Town. There are some absolute bangers ticked away on Krakow's original streets, edged with the parkland of the Planty and right in amongst the pubs and bars that make the city such a top stag destination.

Krakow does budget stag accommodation just as well, with a broad selection of hostels and mid to budget price hotels. We've tried out the most popular so you don't have to plough through endless websites and brochures to find the perfect place to stay. Leave all the booking stuff to us, while you concentrate on finding the silliest costume you can to embarrass the stag on his way in from the airport!

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation however 3 - 10 nights' accommodation is also available.


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From Only £144.00 Per Person

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