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Paintballing is a solid gold stag party favourite, and in Krakow you get more than your average war. We've found a brilliant paintball location, which offers both indoor and outdoor playing areas to capitalise on the afternoon no matter what the weather's doing. There's a forest, perfect for recreating scenes from The Deer Hunter or Casualties of War; a bunch of purpose built bunkers and buildings; plus obstacles to throw yourself over, hurl yourself under or hide behind.

You'll get 200 paintballs each, a protective uniform, and a semiautomatic paint gun capable of firing bursts of ammunition. Waste the stag in a team effort, capture the fort and defend the base. When you're done playing team games it's time to move onto the death match: like playing four-person Goldeneye on the N64 only real. Sneak up on the stag and double tap him, or perfect your long range sniping!

Just 20 mins outside Krakow, this is the perfect activity for stag parties that want to blow off some steam before getting back on the beers. Lock it, load it and get your war face on. This might look like a game to the casual observer, but then they weren't there, man.