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Gentlemen, a question. What's the point in going all the way to Ibiza on your stag party if you're not going to make an exhibition of yourselves? The Balearic capital of cool is all about seeing and being seen (that and getting absolutely ruined on massive cocktails), so we thought we'd better give you the opportunity to do just that. Get on board with our Veep area in a popular downtown party bar, and you'll be the envy of all those luscious ladies shaking their thang in skimpy bikinis. Just as well you're allowed to invite whoever you want into the enclosure...

Here's how it works. Your stag group gets a cordoned off area in a famous Ibiza bar, which is yours for the evening. No-one's allowed beyond the rope unless you say so! Live it up like you're a bunch of proper famous dudes, with a spectacular view of the club and primo positions for the two most important activities on the island: drinking like monkeys and dancing with ladies.

This is the ideal solution to the age-old Ibiza stag party problem, getting to a packed club and taking forever to get in and get served. With a reserved area in a party bar, you get everything done for you. Boom.