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  • Paintballing
  • Reserved Area in Party Bar
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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From Only £125.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Ibiza's not all clubbing and collapsing, you know: there's a whole other side to the island, which comes out to play when the sun is up! Sweat out the excesses of the night before with some good old fashioned paintball action. You'll get a full safety rundown before you get involved with the war games, then it's out into No Man's Land to capture castles, free hostages and (naturally) hunt down the stag. Leave your friendships back in the changing room, gentlemen. This is war.

Paintballing is one of our most popular stag party activities - great for participants of most ages, and the perfect combo of hangover-destroying sweat and red blooded fantasy action! You'll be hollering one liners as you dive for cover in the Balearic dirt, recreating scenes from Full Metal Jacket and Die Hard while your fellow stags go out in a blaze of colourful glory.

Your paintball package includes everything you need to stage a full scale painty war: paintballs, paintball guns, all safety gear, and hire of the paintball environment. A qualified instructor will be on hand to guide you through the basics, then it's time to find out just how tough you really are. Ten hut!

Reserved Area in Party Bar

Gentlemen, a question. What's the point in going all the way to Ibiza on your stag party if you're not going to make an exhibition of yourselves? The Balearic capital of cool is all about seeing and being seen (that and getting absolutely ruined on massive cocktails), so we thought we'd better give you the opportunity to do just that. Get on board with our Veep area in a popular downtown party bar, and you'll be the envy of all those luscious ladies shaking their thang in skimpy bikinis. Just as well you're allowed to invite whoever you want into the enclosure...

Here's how it works. Your stag group gets a cordoned off area in a famous Ibiza bar, which is yours for the evening. No-one's allowed beyond the rope unless you say so! Live it up like you're a bunch of proper famous dudes, with a spectacular view of the club and primo positions for the two most important activities on the island: drinking like monkeys and dancing with ladies.

This is the ideal solution to the age-old Ibiza stag party problem, getting to a packed club and taking forever to get in and get served. With a reserved area in a party bar, you get everything done for you. Boom.

Airport Transfers

Why waste time at the airport in the party capital of the world, when you could be out sampling the most famous bars and clubs in the Balearics? Get your airport transfer sorted in advance, and you'll be necking fishbowls full of dangerous cocktails before you can say 'reach for the lasers'!

Our drivers will pick your stag party up at Ibiza airport, in your choice of vehicle - either a luxury minibus or coach, or a fleet of top quality limos complete with strippers and onboard bars. We know which one we'd go for! Cruise into San Antonio in real stag party style, with the tunes blaring and the ladies waggling their booty for your private delectation. Pop a few corks, enjoy the view and roll into your accommodation ready to get it on.

When your stag weekend has finished, you'll be even more grateful for a prearranged airport transfer: not for the boobies this time, but because it's the only way to guarantee getting out of Ibiza on time and in one piece! Nuts to last-minute dicking around and taxis back to the airport. This is a stag weekend, not your first holiday away from the parents. Get it done now, and you won't have to worry about falling at the final hurdle!


Ibiza doesn't just rock hard when it comes to clubbing: the White Isle knows how to do accommodation too. From beachfront apartments to A List hotels, and from boutique hideaways to bling-tastic pads designed to cater to the tastes of club royalty, the little island that loves to get on it has as many options for sleeping as it does for throwing shapes. Pretty much anywhere you choose to stay is within easy reach of at least one stretch of bars and restaurants, and if you go for the West End of San An you'll barely have to leave your room to start partying.

For such a crazy place, Ibiza does chilled remarkably well - so if you'd rather put a little distance between your stag party and the head-poundingly noisy streets of the West End, consider some edge-of-the-strip action, which will put you and the boys right on top of the island's legendary chillout bars. Or splash a little more cash and head up into the hills for a private villa and the real movie-star lifestyle.

We'll find the perfect piece of accommodation for your stag party in Ibiza, taking care of all the admin and leaving you free to get jiggy with it as soon as you hit San Antonio.

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation however 3 - 10 nights' accommodation is also available.


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From Only £125.00 Per Person

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