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What could be better than fresh, plentiful German steak piled high with home-cooked chips? How about all that, plus beer, plus a seriously fit fraulein chucking her pants at you? Yes please captain!

Hamburg isn't just the birthplace of the burger. It's also a top cosmopolitan city that does a spectacular line in man-friendly restaurants. For your stag party steak dinner, we've chosen one of the best in the city. Expect monumental examples of bloke-pleasing meat action, with hefty steaks as a centrepiece and light and crispy chips on the side.

We're throwing in a pair of lovely German beers for you to drink as you munch, plus a shot to toast the groom with when you've finished the meal. Then it's on to the main event - and for once, you don't have to move...

While you lot come slowly out of a steak-induced food coma, we'll be hustling a bold and beautiful lady to your table! In a fitting finish to a great stag party meal, she'll give you a 15 minute strip routine that you'll be talking about for years to come. The Germans aren't shy when it comes to naked lady-bits, and this show is an absolute blinder.

What more could a feller want from his last supper? Big beefy steaks, plenty of brews and shots, plus lady-baps and some personal attention. 10/10!

In a nutshell:

  • Steak dinner
  • 2 free beers each
  • Shots
  • Stripper