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You don't come on a stag weekend in Hamburg to sit around playing Angry Birds all evening. Shut down the apps, fire up the cameras and prepare for carnage!

It's impossible to bring a bunch of lads to a strange city and score a good bar with every pint. Unless, that is, you have a gorgeous local guide at your disposal! In the company of a feisty fraulein, you'll soon discover why Hamburg is seen as one of the coolest cities in Germany.

Most of the action in Hamburg is centred around the harbour and the Sankt Pauli district. Sternschanze is also big for bars and pre-club action.

Your guide will take you to a minimum of three awesome drinking establishments, help you out with the lingo and give you recommendations on where to go when the bar crawl's finished (hint: if you don't try the Reeperbahn, you don't deserve to be on a stag weekend!).

German beer is legendary. There are plenty of styles to choose from, like the easy-drinking Helles or the approach-with-caution Eisbock. Explore the fresh lager tastes of Pilseners, or get adventurous with some Dunkel. The night is young, and you've got expert advice on tap.