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Package Includes

  • Whisky Tasting
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £208.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Whisky Tasting

Scotland is the home of whisky - but can you tell your single malt from an American import? Set aside an afternoon for whiskey tasting in one of Glasgow's most popular bars, and your stag party will find out who's got the nose for the job.

Whisky tasting is about smell as much as flavour. Swirl the amber liquid in the shot glass, detect aromas of peat and chocolate. Then let it slip down to join the other five shots you've just consumed! That's six whiskies in total, and it's only four in the afternoon...

This is a great way to get a headstart on a night out in Glasgow, learn something about the national Scottish drink and check out a few of the local beauties while you're at it! While you set up for your blind taste test in a private area of the bar, the city's fun-loving crowd will be pouring in to get ready for the evening ahead. Knock back your shots, spot the quality tipple and the generic brands without seeing the labels, and join the party.

A frighteningly well-informed whisky buff will host your tasting session, giving you the inside info on distilling, whisky types and great flavour combinations. You'll finally learn why the drink is sometimes spelled with an 'e' and sometimes without. But most of all, you'll get drunk. Stag party 1, boring afternoons 0!

Hard Rock Cafe

Are you man enough to take down a starter, a legendary Hard Rock burger and a special dessert? Only one way to find out! Begin your Glasgow stag night with a three-course meal at the world's best American restaurant. If you want man food and lots of it, Hard Rock will deliver big time. Tell us when you're in Scotland. We'll get a table reserved and meal deal sorted.

You'll be eating off the group party menu, which makes life easy on a Glasgow stag night. Because the cost is set, you know exactly how much you're paying. No messing about trying to remember who ate what. Do the party menu thing and keep it simple. The menu changes every now and then but you can expect to find stuff like burgers with bacon and cheese, pork ribs, hickory chicken, and twisted mac with cheese and chicken on there.

A three-course meal at Hard Rock Café will set you up for an epic Glasgow stag night. Before you do the bars, pubs and clubs in the West End, hit Hard Rock and lay the groundwork. This is one of those 'you know it makes sense' moments. Do the smart thing and get it booked, pronto!

In brief:

  • 3-course meal at the Hard Rock Café
  • Located on Glasgow's famous Style Mile
  • Table booking
  • Group party menu
  • A soft drink, tea or coffee with your meal
  • Upgrade option available

Night Club Entry

Why settle for just one room when you can have seven?! Our awesome night club entry pass gets your stag party into the hottest club in Glasgow, an epic favourite where local lovelies and visiting hens get funky in brilliantly themed rooms. Down a Flaming Zombie in the tiki bar, flap your flares in the 70s disco and reach for the lasers in the funky house room. We recommend starting at one end and doing the lot!

Traditionally, the big night out is the centrepiece of your weekend. It's also the hardest part to arrange. The average door person takes one look at a massive group of half-cut fellers out for a good time and gives it the old 'not tonight, gents'. Or you have to hang around outside, freezing your nuts off and getting soberer by the minute, until you can persuade a group of lasses to split up and come in with you.

Not with our night club entry pass, which is all sorted before you've even left for Glasgow! As long as you're well behaved, your whole posse is guaranteed to get through the doors just like that. No hanging around, no arguments and no embarrassment. For stag party success, guaranteed, you need look no further.

2 Nights Accommodation

When it comes to laying your head, Glasgow's got everything a man would expect from a permier city. Not only can you settle your fellow stags into every type of accommodation under the sun - friendly hostels, smart apartments, swanky hotels - but you can also choose exactly what kind of location you want to be in.

Want to keep it close to the action and still get some sleep? No worries. We'll get your stag party the best deals on a smashing little three star sitting quietly by a pleasant city park, just one block from Sauciehall Street. Or how about a no-holds-barred belter for his last weekend of freedom? Just ask your stag co-ordinator, and we'll make sure you get everything you need in Glasgow's biggest and best Georgian five star.

From historic opulence in Glasgow Railway Station (where some of the rooms actually overlook the platforms) to super-cheerful hostels well versed in late-night frolics, your stag party co-ordinator knows where to get you the prices you want for the place you need. Don't worry if you're not familiar with the city, either. We'll make sure you get a great bed in a convenient part of town, so there's not a second of important drinking time wasted!


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From Only £208.00 Per Person

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