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Package Includes

  • Canyoning
  • Italian Meal
  • Night Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £186.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Canyoning is the grandaddy of all stag weekend adventure activities. It's like a real life Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with nut-shrivelling descents, rock scrambles and waterfall abseils. Are you Indy enough to take on the challenge?

Forget your fancy dress, and leave your smartphones behind unless you want to try working them after they've been bounced down the side of a cliff. Canyoning starts with a bunch of lads, an instructor and a map, and ends with everyone going full-on wild in the amazing Andalucian landscape!

The basic idea is simple enough: you start at one end of an incredible gorge, and work your way to the other. The hard bit is actually doing it! In between you and the end of the line, you'll find pools, river rapids, boulders, cliff faces and tricky drops. You'll have to conquer them all if you want to get back to Fuengirola in time for your second night on the lash.

The ultimate in stag weekend challenges, this is bound to sort the intrepid explorers from the armchair adventurers. Bring your A game, and a reasonable level of fitness.

In a nutshell:

  • Amazing canyoning adventure near Fuengirola
  • Full instruction and safety briefing
  • Guide
  • All the necessary equipment

Italian Meal

The Italian philosophy of food is very similar to the Spanish: lots of it, always fresh, and always served in good company. What could be better for a stag party dinner?

We've found a classy Italian restaurant close to Fuengirola, which serves all the classics just the way they should be done. Expect perfectly stonebaked pizza bases, incredible Bolognese, tons of al dente pasta and seafood dishes so fresh they're practically swimming!

With a three course menu designed just for hungry fellers, we're sure this will satisfy even the most peckish of stags. Start your epic nosh-fest with appetisers like garlic bread, dough balls and buffalo mozzarella. Wade into calzone or giant pasta dishes as a main. And make sure you leave room at the end for a serious Italian dessert. Tiramisu, gelato, you name it and it's there, sweet as a seductive senorita and just waiting for you to take it on...

It's important to have at least one major sit-down meal on a stag party. It gives the boys a chance to fuel up, catch up and revive old banter. Get this one sorted as the first order of business on your Fuengirola stag. Alternatively, smash it on night two if you think the lads will need some serious eats to revive them at the halfway stage of the weekend!

In a nutshell:

  • Reserved table for your stag party
  • Classy Italian restaurant near Fuengirola
  • 3 course meal
  • Unlimited beer, wine and sangria

Night Club Entry

Fuengirola is one of the biggest nightlife spots on the Costa del Sol. Make sure you make the most of it with guaranteed night club entry!

It can be harder to get into clubs in Spain than you think. Even the most well behaved stag party runs a risk of being turned away because there are already too many chaps inside, or because the door staff are operating a face control policy. Avoid the embarrassment of being barred from the best spots in town by booking your entry before you leave the UK.

Our night club entry pass gets you in to the biggest club in Fuengirola. Just show your passes to the door guy, and you'll walk right in!

We'll rack up a round of shots to kick your night off in the proper fashion. After that, what you do is up to you! Check out the insane drinks deals, play a few stag party dares and get to know the hens and local ladies. After a few cervezas, even the clumsiest feller in the crew will be on for a dance or two...

Beats, babes and beers await, gentlemen. Classic.

In a nutshell:

  • Entry to the biggest club in Fuengirola
  • Shots for the boys
  • Late opening

Airport Transfers

Fuengirola's 7 miles of spectacular beach lie just 20 minutes' drive away from Malaga Airport. Conquer them in style and comfort with a pre-booked airport transfer.

What would you rather do: wander around Malaga Airport looking for enough taxis to take the boys to Fuengirola, or get straight from Arrivals into your own luxury minibus? It's a stag weekend no-brainer. While other fellers are tripping over their bags and trying to work out whether they're being ripped off, you'll be kicking back in air conditioned comfort.

Getting into Fuengirola in double quick time isn't the only advantage to booking your transport before you travel. At the other end of the stag weekend, when the lads are in no state to organise themselves, you'll be unbelievably glad you had the foresight to get return transfers!

Our drivers are friendly, safe and reliable. And with the fare paid before you even leave the UK, there's no haggling to do after a plane journey. Check in, crack open a few beers and enjoy the flight, knowing that when you land we're on hand to take you to your accommodation.

In a nutshell:

  • Transfer from the airport to your accommodation in Fuengirola
  • Fare is taken care of in advance

2 Nights Accommodation

We've got you covered when it comes to accommodation in Fuengirola. Get your group the best deals on 2 nights accommodation in the Costa del Sol's party-loving beach resort!

Hotels and apartments are a Fuengirola speciality. We'll find you clean, safe rooms close to the beach and primo stag party locations. Or, if you're looking for somewhere out of town, we can get you deals on villas and self catering accommodation.

To get your stag party booking confirmed, you don't even need to know exact group numbers. Start us off with a rough idea of who's coming, and we'll sort you a guaranteed booking in the perfect hotel or pension. You can confirm in detail later on.

Don't know Fuengirola, or can't make head or tail of the hotel reviews you've found online? Don't worry. We know the Costa del Sol inside out, and we check all of the hotels and guesthouses we use regularly. When you book your stag party accommodation with us, you're guaranteed friendly, well located places to stay.

So what's it to be, boys? A conveniently located hotel right in the middle of the action? Or something quieter, where you can chill after a hard night in Fuengirola town?


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From Only £186.00 Per Person

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