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Shove a full clip, filled with real live shells, into a competition quality .22 rifle, and unleash hell. There are plenty of stag party activities that offer to blow your hangover away for good, but this one's the real deal!

At a quality shooting range in Dublin, your team will be introduced to the .22, put through your paces and given plenty of opportunities to take out targets with extreme prejudice! Professional firearms instructors are with you throughout, first showing you the safety and basics of the rifles and then helping you to fine tune your aim and increase your kill rate.

There's no need to worry if no-one in the stag party has ever held or fired a real gun before. By the time our instructors have finished with you, you'll be deadlier than The Jackal. And we're talking the Edward Fox version, not the namby-pamby one with Bruce Willis in it.

You don't often get the chance to try real competition shooting in the UK. Make the most of your time in Dublin and blow a few wedding worries out of the water. Everyone's guaranteed to have a great time, and who knows - you might uncover a secret assassin in your midst!