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Package Includes

  • Bubble Football
  • 2 Course Meal
  • Bar and Club Entry
  • 1 Night Accommodation

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From Only £100.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Bubble Football

Fancy a laugh? Of course you do! Lads, nothing is funnier than watching your best mate rolling around on the floor dressed as a massive Weeble.

Bubble football is the funniest stag party activity since painting your mate's face with bad words and shaving off his eyebrows. It's also the perfect way to kick off day two of your Derby adventure. Get the boys out of bed, tell them to quit whining about their massive hangovers, and go on a mission to manhandle your best bud into a huge Zorb suit.

Bubble football is basically like five-a-side, but with one big difference. Everyone in the game is dressed in giant plastic bubbles, which completely cover heads, arms and upper bodies. Only your legs are left free to move.

Every time you try to pull off a major bit of ball skills, you'll end up tripping over and bouncing around like a drunk in a hamster ball. Even the classiest player in your stag party will end up looking like this is his first time!

There's nothing like a good old giggle to get the lads back on form after a big night in the pubs and bars of Derby. You don't want to take anything too seriously on a stag party, and with bubble football you don't have to!

In a nutshell:

  • Bubble football game in Derby
  • Zorb suit hire
  • Pitch hire and balls
  • 10 bubbles for 1 hour (with 10-15 players)
  • 90 minutes with 10 bubbles (for 16+ players)

2 Course Meal

A man on a Derby stag weekend needs proper food, or he's doomed to end up face down on Iron Gate by half past nine! Fortunately for you lot, we've found an immense restaurant right in the middle of the city. It's totally geared up for stags, too.

You don't just scoff massive man-sized portions of classic munch here - you also drink, and party with ladies on their hen do. A favourite spot both for visiting hens and stag weekends, and locals too, this restaurant and bar serves food first and massive tunes second. Eat, drink, and be epic.

Derby's hardest-partying eatery knows what a man needs! Feast your eyes - and your bellies - on some of the finest nosh you'll ever see on a stag weekend. We're talking classic starters and monumental mains, including giant burgers and delicious stonebaked pizza. Bring it on.

Obviously, you want something to drink as well as two courses of awesome. So we arranged for you to get a free beer each! Say hello to double trouble: two courses of man-pleasingly massive eats, and a cold one to make everything sit just right on the stomach.

Oh, and guess what? We're sorting the bill in advance, so by the time you actually sit down to eat everyone will have paid already. And that means no more pointless arguments about who ate what. Amazing.

In a nutshell:

  • 2 course meal in Derby
  • 1 drink each

Bar and Club Entry

Got a single evening to make the most of Derby? Don't mess about, then! Lads, get your hands on our one night party passes, and you'll be laughing all the way to the bar.

Derby is bursting with options for lads on a stag weekend. You can quaff real ale until you're gripped by the sudden desire to wear knitted jumpers and grow a beard. Or you can hang out in popular chain bars with big crowds of excitable ladies! From the unique to the standard, there's something for every feller. The question is, how are you going to navigate if you've never been here before?

Easy! Our one night party pass lets you into an exclusive list of killer stag weekend venues. You won't find a disappointing spot on the list, and if any of them aren't to your taste, you can simply move to the next one. Lads, this is more than just a way to get guaranteed entry to Derby's most popular venues. It's a road map for an epic night out.

Obviously, when you're on a stag weekend you don't just want to hit a couple of pubs and go home. So we've included one of Derby's finest clubs to finish off your night. Get in, get on the dance floor, and show the local ladies what you've got!

In a nutshell:

  • 1 night pass to the best bars and clubs in Derby

1 Night Accommodation

Staying in Derby for one night only? Be sure your hotel is right where you need it. Lads on the lash for a single evening can't be staying all the way out in the sticks!

We'll find you the perfect 3* hotel option, conveniently located for going out in Derby. You'll get everything you could want from a stag party hotel: good beds, good service, and rooms that rock at the price.

We only send our stags to hotels we'd be happy to stay in on our own stag parties. And because we're been doing this for well over 15 years, we're in a position to get you the best prices too. Add a hotel stay to your package, and relax. We've got you covered.


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From Only £100.00 Per Person

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