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Bucharest's enthralling mix of old and new is left well and truly at the door when you walk into your pre-booked lap dancing club. In here, the only things older than a lissom 20-something beauty are the premium spirits.

Get your feet under the table of one of the town's classiest lady joints with a stag party lap dancing entry pass that's guaranteed to keep you in the groom's good books for the rest of your life. There's no need to worry when you already know you've got the jubblies under control, and with an all access pass to the most magnificent mammaries in Bucharest you've got that bit nailed for sure. All that remains to do is keep the beers and bubbly flowing for a taste of stag party high life, Romanian style!

Like many cities in the eastern parts of Europe, finding your own naked entertainment can be something of a risky business. Don't leave the most important element of your best mate's last chance to see, to chance. We've arranged for you to experience the real deal: genuinely beautiful naked chicks performing professional private dances for the groom to be and all his wing men. Let's get it on!