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From the buzzing harbourside to the clubs and pubs of Whiteladies Road, Bristol's got everything a man could need to have a good time. The South West's unofficial capital is no slouch when it comes to eating either. So how about combining a hilarious stag weekend challenge with an epic meal for the boys?

The Man v Food stag challenge is every bit as gut bustingly awesome as it sounds. Put the fear of food into the big man with your choice of these insane eating quests. Your stag's opponents include a burger so big it practically has a moon; a hot dog so long Ron Jeremy would be jealous; and a mound of fries you need a team of sherpas to navigate!

As if that wasn't enough fun for a stag weekend prank, check this out: while the man of the moment is struggling through the meat sweats, you and the boys get to nosh on normal fodder from one of Bristol's most popular bar and grills! It's the stag meal that just keeps on giving, primo quality for the lads and a genuine belly-burster of a challenge for your main man. Forks at the ready, gents. Let the mockery commence!