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  • Rebel Buggies
  • Exploding Archery
  • Bierkeller Meal
  • Accommodation

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From Only £221.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Rebel Buggies

Imagine a cross between a BMW M3 and a life-sized remote control car. Now drive it. Gentlemen, stags, discerning motormouths everywhere, we present the last word in high-octane off road insanity!

Rebel buggies make ordinary 4x4 racers look like pushchairs. They're long, lean and sleek, but with a wide wheelbase to make them stable at ridiculous speeds. Front and rear suspension have mad amounts of travel, and the tyres are built to eat dirt. With a top speed of well over 50mph and more horses than the Grand National, these are the machines you go to when you want to feel every inch of the drive. Needless to say, they're perfect for a stag weekend!

The Bristol track is purpose built for thrashing, and with a Rebel buggy on your side that's exactly what you'll do. After a safety briefing and instruction session with seasoned racers, you'll be let loose on the dirt for time trials and grand prix competitions. Who's got the nerve to test the limits of the Rebel's epic handling?

This is one of our most popular outdoor stag weekend activities, and Bristol race places sell out fast. You know what to do...

Exploding Archery

Forget Kevin Costner. There's only one Robin Hood-a-like you'll be channelling when you loose off your arrow at an exploding target! It's celebrity badass Russell Crowe all the way, and if the boys on your stag weekend aren't doing their best Aussie growls by beer o clock there's something wrong with you.

Your crew will be put through its paces in a practice round led by Bristol's finest archers, who'll show you how to use your strength to work with the bow. Draw a bead, inhale, steady your aim and let fly. Remember, it's the bow that does the work and not the string. Who's got the killer instinct, and who's more Friar Tuck than Hooded Man?

Did we mention the exploding targets? When your shaft hits the bullseye, you'll be rewarded with a pyrotechnic display that'll make you think you just took out a gunpowder barrel. Thanks to some smart technology and a bit of smoke and mirrors, t's wham, bam, thank you ma'am with every score.

There'll be special games designed with stag weekends in mind, and a bit of healthy competition to see who comes out on top. Blow off the Park Street bars for the afternoon and get medieval!

Bierkeller Meal

The Bristol Bierkeller is the hottest ticket in the city - and we've got a batch reserved just for you! The venue's legendary Oompah night takes the spirit of a German beer hall and puts a proper hen and stag party spin on it. There'll be foaming litre steins of quality lager, cocktail steins, shots and ladies in extremely revealing costumes. Ja, ja, ja!

Your Bierkeller evening starts with a hearty stag party dinner and a free litre stein of beer. Just the ticket for hungry fellers who'll be rocking out to asskicking Oompah versions of classic tunes before the night is out!

The Bristol Bierkeller's got everything a self-respecting stag needs for a good time. There's booze by the bucketload, fancy dress is practically an entry requirement and you WILL see hens dancing on benches. After the Oompah set, the stage clears for the world's maddest DJ (legend has it, he got kicked out of Falaraki: nuff said), who keeps the dance floor jumping into the early hours of the morning.

Why waste precious drinking time going from bar to club? It's all right here. Beer, beer, more beer and hammered ladies flashing their boobies. You know it makes sense.


Bristol's full of great accommodation options: from ideally located stag party-friendly hotels right on the harbourside, to chichi boutiques up in the leafy 'burbs of Clifton and Cotham. You tell us what you want, we come back to you with the best options and prices for your budget.

Picking the right place to stay on a stag party can be tricky. Do you go for high end luxury, one last splash before the groom signs on the dotted line; or budget beds for hammered boys? We thought we'd take the hard stuff out of the equation for you. Put a full package together with us, including your accommodation, and we'll make sure you get the hotel, B&B or boutique you're expecting, ideally located for your day and night activities and at the best price for a stag group.

Don't worry if you don't know what sort of accommodation you'd be best suited to - or if you've got an idea of something special for the groom but haven't got a clue where in Bristol to start looking. Our stag party advisers are familiar with Bristol's best places to stay: from centrally located hostels and hotels to exclusive apartments and five star splurge options.

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation. 1 nights' accommodation may also be available in Bristol.


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From Only £221.00 Per Person

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