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Package Includes

  • Archery
  • Axe Throwing
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • VIP Bar and Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £209.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Get to grips with the Olympic sport of archery with Robin Hood-style bows. Try old school target shooting at a site a stone's throw from the heart of Brighton, set within 450 acres of glorious West Sussex countryside.

Perennially popular with stag parties, archery is a classic country sport that requires an icy cool demeanour under pressure, a steady hand and decent hand-to-eye coordination. Step up to the mark and have a bash.

Archery ain't as easy as it looks. Fortunately, qualified pros will be on hand to show you how it's done before you go head-to-head with your fellow stags for a spot of competitive target shooting.

Playing Merrie Men in Brighton and Hove's beautiful countryside is the perfect way to loose off the first night hangover blues. This is one stag weekend afternoon activity that's guaranteed to score a bullseye - and given that there's not so much running around to be done, even Mr Epic Hangover has a chance at glory.

Master the basic archery shot and feel the adrenaline levels skyrocket as you hear the arrow hit the target with a loud 'thwack'! Excellent fun, brilliant for banter and suitable for anyone, archery is a no-brainer.

Archery Stag Parties in Brighton Include:

  • Full briefing
  • Tuition from qualified instructors
  • All equipment
  • Competitive event

Axe Throwing

Feeling a bit Viking? Go back to the old school for the grand daddy of manly stag activities. Rarely available in the UK, axe throwing is a must if you're planning a party weekend in Brighton. Grab the chance to master the art of throwing warrior-style weapons at a site set within 450 acres of West Sussex countryside.

Your mission is to assert dominance over your fellow stags by throwing a selection of surprisingly lightweight axes at targets carved out of five tree targets. There's more to it than simply wanging an axe through the air in the general direction of the bullseye. Instructors will be on hand to show you how to enjoy axe throwing safely and give tips on form and technique.

The perfect combination of rugged outdoorsiness and gentle wandering, axe throwing is guaranteed to make every man jack of you feel like a genuine Game of Thrones badass without causing upchucking. Just be sure you haven't got back on it during the morning before you start your activity, or your safety instructor may well sideline you. Denied.

The man with the highest score is declared ultimate warrior and earns bragging rights for the rest of the stag weekend. How often do you get the chance to go medieval on your mates? Round up ye band of reprobates and get involved.

Stag Axe Throwing in Brighton Includes:

  • Full safety briefing
  • Professional instruction
  • Competitive event

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A stag classic, clay pigeon shooting is particularly brilliant in Brighton. West Sussex is home to one of the best shooting grounds in Blighty, set within 450 acres of lush green hills, fields and unspoilt woodland.

The sport of gentlemen, clay pigeon shooting combines skill with speed and adrenaline. You'll need a keen eye, steady head, icy cool demeanour under pressure and fast reactions to hit a selection of moving targets.

No experience needed. Qualified instructors will be on hand to show each member of your stag party how to shoot like a pro. Discover how to hold a shotgun to minimise kickback, lock 'n load, track your target and fire with confidence. By the end of the session, you'll be throwing around terms like high pheasant, crossing pigeon and down the line like a country squire.

So, the question is, are you going to blast away at the pulls in your everyday civvies, or is it about time your stag party embraced the atmosphere and dressed up like a load of posh dudes? After all, Brighton is super-friendly to the whole stag weekend thing.

Who will bag the most kills and be declared sharp shooter?

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Brighton Includes:

  • Full safety briefing
  • One-to-one tuition
  • Ear defenders
  • Live guns and ammunition
  • 20-25 shots each
  • Competitive event

Duration: 1 hour approx.

VIP Bar and Club Entry

Sort VIP bar and club entry before you hit Brighton and the big man's stag night will run like a dream. Priority admission will put paid to pesky stuff like queuing and splitting the group to get past the door staff. You're guaranteed a warm welcome from a stag weekend friendly establishment: and thanks to our intrepid bunch of nightspot explorers, we can personally recommend the places your pass will get you into.

Brighton is one of the biggest nights out in the UK. Expect to rub shoulders with the glitzy, the glam, the gorgeous - and potentially some famous media luvvies too. You never know who you're going to bump into at Brighton's top clubs, and with more gorgeous hippie chicks per square metre than anywhere else in England, there's plenty for a stag party to look at too!

VIP bar and club entry will make life easy for the best man and send the groom off in style. It costs peanuts and will get you into the best party venues in Brighton's liveliest drinking areas like West Street. Join the it crowd, find the local secret spots and take advantage of some party-pounding offers. A no-brainer if ever there was one.


Brighton's one of the UK's busiest seaside cities. Don't leave your accommodation to chance: let us take care of the booking details, so all you have to do at the start of your stag weekend is pick up the keys and get on it!

We've trawled through every hotel, boutique, B&B and theme accommodation in Brighton, to find you the best of all possible worlds. So if you want to party like the Prince Regent in opulent hotel suites close to the Royal Pavilion, just say the word. Or if you'd prefer to sling your backpack in a clean and friendly hostel while you and the boys go out on the beers, we can do that too.

We'll give you the inside track on the best places to stay for beach parties, large living and shoestring stag weekends. Whatever you've got on your list of priorities, we've got the Brighton hotel, hostel or B&B to tick it off.

We'll give you the options, secure the rooms for your dates and get you the best prices and group discounts. No worries, no hassle, just the perfect place to chill between drinking sessions!

Prices are based on 1 nights' accommodation however 2 nights' accommodation is also available.


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From Only £209.00 Per Person

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