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  • Paintballing
  • Bar Crawl
  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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From Only £135.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Slovakia is famous for her stunning countryside, which makes paintballing a must for a Bratislava stag do. Take a break from the temptations of the city, suit up and go ballistic with a bunch of professional paintballers. These guys take their war games seriously so no lame-ass excuses about hangovers or old injuries! Man up and get on board.

Everything about Bratislava's 3000 sq. ft. paintball arena has been designed with military authenticity in mind. There are trenches for diving into during epic battles, a man-made castle, shedloads of obstacles to overcome and a great chillout area with an open fire for post-battle relaxation. You couldn't ask for a better backdrop for settling old scores and blowing off steam.

During the course of a paintballing Bratislava stag do you'll get to play several speed and strategy games that require brains, brawn and tight team work. You know the drill, gents: capture the flag and shoot the stag. As this is pro paintball, you can expect the mission scenarios to be pretty creative, engaging and entertaining.

Refreshments are available on site, along with extra paintballs.

A paintballing stag do in Bratislava includes:

Optional extras:

Duration: 3 hours including transfers.
Availability: year round.

  • 200 balls each
  • Guns and safety gear
  • Mission briefing
  • Professional game marshals
    • BBQ lunch as optional extra.

Bar Crawl

A guided bar crawl is a no-brainer for a Bratislava stag do weekend. Unless you're fluent in Slovak, hitting the best bars straight off would be a pretty tall order! The country's capital has a stonking nightlife scene and diving in with a local will see you visit the most popular drinking dens loved by locals and tourists alike.

Meet up with your nightlife guide at the start of the night and discuss want you want from a Bratislava stag do bar crawl. Guides know the scene back to front and will take you to pubs, bars and clubs that speak your language.

Bratislava's nightlife scene centres around the old town and is renowned for cheap beer and friendly locals. Smaller, cheaper and more accessible than Prague, this medieval gem has way more to offer than a castle and a bunch of cathedrals. At night, the party crowd comes out to play and the historic centre becomes a hotbed of activity. If you want a unique stag night, a bar crawl of Bratislava certainly won't disappoint. Where else can you drink in a UFO-themed bar and go clubbing in a former nuclear bunker located underneath a castle?

A free round of beers is included in our Bratislava bar crawl to get your stag weekend started.

Lap Dancing Club Entry

Slovakian women are stupendously hot: fact. Therefore, it would be rude not to add lap dancing club entry to the groom's big Bratislava stag do weekend. Come on, you're not planning a cultural odyssey! The River Danube and Bratislava Castle are impressive but if you prefer attractions of the long-legged, large-breasted variety, give us the nod and we'll get the erotic entertainment sorted before you fly over.

You and the guys will get pre-arranged entry to a quality lap dancing club in Bratislava's Old Town. No seediness or large scary men 'encouraging' you to buy the nice lady a bottle of something that claims to be champagne. This is one of the city's smaller, more intimate and friendly clubs. It's a place where you can relax on your Bratislava stag do, quaff beers in comfort and enjoy table and lap dances for around €50 a pop, which is pretty reasonable if you ask us.

We can simply arrange standard strip club entry or you can upgrade the experience with a dance for the stag for an additional cost. If you think the lads can handle the extra heat, get everyone to chip in for a Slovakian lesbian show. Trust us gents; it's worth every single Euro!

Airport Transfers

Why spend hours trying to find a trustworthy cab driver to take you from Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport into the city centre? Our pre-booked airport transfer services are the perfect way to start your Bratislava stag do weekend.

You won't have to stand around scratching your head and trying to work out what all the funny-looking signs mean. There'll be no hidden costs. And you can guarantee your whole group leaves at the same time, so there'll be no losing half the stag party between the airport and Bratislava city centre, which can seriously cut into your first-day drinking time.

We'll be looking out for you when you come off the plane, and your driver will be there with your name on a card (it'll be the name of the person doing all the organising and booking). Then it's off to the coach or minibus, and down the motorway to your accommodation. No fuss, no muss, just a smooth transition from arrivals to sitting in the bar with your first litre of Slovak beer. Na zdravie!

Our airport transfers really come into their own after a stag weekend in Bratislava. All you have to do on the day of your departure is peel your head off the pillow and throw your bags into the back of your transfer vehicle. Sweet.


The beautiful medieval centre of Bratislava offers plenty of accommodation to stag parties - from respectable hostels with both dorm room and private beds, to spectacular designer hotels making the most of Bratislava's ancient scenery. Kick back in princely style on a hill overlooking the castle, while you and the boys sip champagne cocktails and get ready for an evening's merriment in the city: or sling your suitcase on the bed in a trusted hostel before you all go out and get smashed. Either way, we've got the options you need at a price you can't beat.

Fancy staying in a chichi boutique hotel overlooking the river Danube? Just let us know. Or how about a self catering apartment set right in the heart of the city, close to Hlavne and Hviezdoslavovo squares? Give us the numbers and we'll do the rest.

Booking accommodation for a Bratislava stag do can be an absolute nightmare, particularly when you've never been before. Let us handle your booking and you'll benefit from first hand knowledge of the Slovak capital's streets and districts. We can find any kind of hotel, self catering apartment or hostel you like: whether you're looking for 24 hour bar service, cheap beds or full on penthouse luxury.

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation however 3 - 10 nights' accommodation is also available.


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All stag packages are based on default prices and so are subject to change dependant on availability.


From Only £135.00 Per Person

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