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Day two of a stag weekend is always a tricky one to call. The boys probably want to do some adrenaline activities - and in Bournemouth, they can do a ton. Archery, high ropes, kite surfing, it's all there. But when the dust has settled, and the fellers realise they've still got hangovers to cope with, what are you going to do?

Lads, there comes a time on every stag weekend when only two things will do. More booze, and a couple of hours arsing around in a sports bar!

We've got your group free access to the pool tables at Bournemouth's most popular sports bar. You'll get a round of shots to liven you up when you take up the cues, and there are plenty of screens to watch the match on. This place shows Premier League footie, FA Cup footie, Champions League, La Liga, Europa League and the F1. So whenever you come, there's bound to be something awesome to take everyone's mind off how tired they are!

Let's face it, fellers. Towards the end of Saturday afternoon, everyone on a stag weekend needs a breather and a burst of energy. Go back to your accommodation, and you risk the dreaded death-nap. Stay out, and you'll power straight through!

In a nutshell:

  • 2 hours on the pool tables
  • A round of shots
  • 6 lads per table