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Package Includes

  • Paintballing
  • 2 Course Meal
  • Sports Bar Session
  • VIP Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £168.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Run by a professional international player, Bournemouth's paintballing site is the cream of the South. Spend your stag weekend playing realistic war games at a woodland arena on the border of Dorset and Hampshire.

On arrival, you'll be briefed, kitted out and split into teams. Go head-to-head with your fellow stags in sophisticated speed and strategy games. There's the classic stealth-based woodland scenario and the face-to-face adrenaline-pumping fort combat game.

This is the real deal, soldier. We guarantee there'll be classic scenes from 80s and 90s action movies playing in your head as you hit the dirt, gun in hand. The only question is, what'll it be? The final shootout in Beverly Hills Cop? A bit of Predator? Or how about the end of Young Guns? Regulators, move out!

The enemy HQ mission is the way to go if you want Call of Duty-style action on your stag do. Duck, dive, dodge and blow up the enemy's fuel stores amidst old tanks and Army Jeeps. British Army soldiers and ex-Marines run this game so you're in for an intense experience!

Paintballing in Bournemouth Includes:

  • Safety briefing
  • Goggles, coveralls and hood
  • 100 balls each
  • State-of-the art markers
  • Game marshals

2 Course Meal

Bournemouth has successfully recreated itself as one of the biggest party towns in the UK. If you're after a stag weekend by the sea with plenty of girls, clubs and bars this is the place to be. And that means some seriously clever eating is required if you're not going to end up snoozing on the beach by 10pm! We've arranged for a fully loaded two course meal at a central Bournemouth restaurant, so you can fill up on some tactical ballast before setting yourselves adrift in the ocean of fun!

The best bits of Bournemouth are just around the corner, too, so you only have a little distance to wobble after you've taken the calories on board. Nosh out on some surprisingly hearty dishes, quaff a beer or two and get acquainted with the rest of the stag party. When it's time to get serious about your boozing, there's very little distance to go.

The ideal way to start a stag weekend, a two course meal in the heart of Bournemouth gives your group time to get together, recover from the journey and get its bearings. You'll start the banter that runs all weekend here! Tuck in, and get ready for carnage!


  • Restaurant reservation
  • 2-course meal
  • 1 drink per person

Sports Bar Session

Day two of a stag weekend is always a tricky one to call. The boys probably want to do some adrenaline activities - and in Bournemouth, they can do a ton. Archery, high ropes, kite surfing, it's all there. But when the dust has settled, and the fellers realise they've still got hangovers to cope with, what are you going to do?

Lads, there comes a time on every stag weekend when only two things will do. More booze, and a couple of hours arsing around in a sports bar!

We've got your group free access to the pool tables at Bournemouth's most popular sports bar. You'll get a round of shots to liven you up when you take up the cues, and there are plenty of screens to watch the match on. This place shows Premier League footie, FA Cup footie, Champions League, La Liga, Europa League and the F1. So whenever you come, there's bound to be something awesome to take everyone's mind off how tired they are!

Let's face it, fellers. Towards the end of Saturday afternoon, everyone on a stag weekend needs a breather and a burst of energy. Go back to your accommodation, and you risk the dreaded death-nap. Stay out, and you'll power straight through!

In a nutshell:

  • 2 hours on the pool tables
  • A round of shots
  • 6 lads per table

VIP Lap Dancing Club Entry

Bournemouth has swapped the blue rinse brigade for gorgeous girls in G-strings. No stag do destination worth its salt would be complete without a VIP lap dancing club. Bournemouth definitely doesn't disappoint on that front. We'll arrange entry in advance of your big party weekend with the boys. Simply turn up, stroll in and enjoy the show.

See Bournemouth's loveliest ladies wiggle, bump, grind and slither in a lap dancing club that's classy, not sleazy. Constant live stage shows and fully nude private dances are the order of the evening. The club stays open until the wee small hours so don't be surprised if you stumble out as the sun's coming up over the ocean!

A stag night at this lap dancing club won't break the bank. Affordable topless dances, friendly girls and realistic bar prices make it a winner. Not to mention pole dancing tricks that'll make your eyes pop out on stalks.

Come on, chaps! No stag night would be quite right without VIP entry to a lap dancing club. Sort it in advance, avoid queuing and get great seats for a show that'll impress the biggest connoisseur of gentlemen's clubs.


  • Priority entry
  • Reserved seating
  • Table service

VIP Night Club Entry

A must for a stag weekend in Bournemouth, VIP nightclub entry will get you past the long lines and beyond the red velvet rope with no worries. No pairing up, splitting the group or queuing for hours. It's the ultimate no-brainer.

Bournemouth is one of the South's premier stag do destinations. As you can imagine, Friday and Saturday nights are rammed in high season. Sort VIP nightclub entry in advance and you'll get guaranteed group entrance into an award-winning venue famous for its t-shirt parties.

Here's the thing, gents. A stag weekend coming to Bournemouth without local knowledge runs the risk of missing out, and of course with all the good venues oversubscribed on the night it's vital you've already reserved your entry. Get involved with Bournemouth's party loving ladies in the spots you can't afford to overlook. We've tried and tested them all, and we know what we're talking about.

Multiple rooms, classy décor, booths and table service make Bournemouth's top club a welcome change from the usual townie flea pits! As for tunes, you can expect to hear everything from club classics to the latest urban tracks. VIP entry puts you straight in without queuing, meaning more time drinking and dancing with girls.


Oh you do like to be beside the seaside, oh you do like to be beside the sea... Coming to the UK's hottest new ocean side party destination means two things: avoiding the blue rinse brigade and finding the sea view that makes the stag weekend. We can help you do both, thanks to our exhaustive knowledge of the hotels, hostels, beach front boutiques and high end splurgers on Bournemouth's accommodation hot list.

Our stag party advisers will find you the perfect place for your stag party - whether that's a shared beachside house with self catering or suites in the grandest hotels on the promenade. Let us know what kind of accommodation you're looking for, and the per head budget you've got to play with, and we'll sort out a group booking that takes care of everything in advance. We're talking deposits, check in times, check out times, who's sleeping in which room. When you book the full package with us, nothing gets left to chance!

You don't even have to work out where in Bournemouth you want to stay. Your stag party adviser can look at the activities you want to do, and where you'll be partying at night, and give you advice on the best budget, mid range and high end options for you.

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation. A minimum of a 2 night stay is usually required in Bournemouth however some 1 night stays are available and so please ask us for a quote.


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All stag packages are based on default prices and so are subject to change dependant on availability.


From Only £168.00 Per Person

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