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The name says it all. Who wouldn't want to take part in a stag party-sized recreation of the best pub sport (outside of actual drinking of course) in the world? Go red or go blue, and get involved!

Human table football was made for stag parties. The classic pub game has been supersized and is taking Bournemouth by storm. Split into teams and take the place of the plastic players on a sliding bar in an inflatable arena.

Human table football is comedy gold. Half the battle is not laughing so hard you let goals slip in. You don't need the legendary skills of Messi or Ronaldo to have a bash. Top notch team work, concentration and coordination will win the day. No lame excuses about hangovers or ancient knee injuries. Suck it up and get stuck in!

They take human table football seriously in Bournemouth. A ref will be on hand to hand out the red cards. Looking for a classic stag stitch up? Get the ref to send the groom off repeatedly; it'll drive him nuts!

The ideal stag party size is 12 but if your group is bigger, the guys at the Bournemouth activity centre will just split you into multiple teams and get a tournament going.