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  • Archery
  • Human Table Football
  • Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £87.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Get medieval on your best mate's final weekend of freedom with an afternoon's archery!

The marshals at this purpose built range will show you the basics of nocking and drawing before letting you loose on the best targets in Blackpool. Use two fingers to draw back the bowstring, make sure you control your breathing when you loose, and your arrow will fly straight and true. After a couple of goes, everyone in the stag group will understand just how much of a badass Robin Hood really was!

Forget guns - real men take out the target with a lethal barb shot from a high-tensile string. Archery's not for the faint of heart, requiring skill, concentration and strength to propel the arrow where you want it to go. Even the hardest stag in the group will poo his pants the first time the bowstring whistles past his ear!

Your archery instructor's there to help perfect your aiming and firing techniques. Pay attention to her advice and you'll get the most from your session. She'll help you find the stance and drawing technique that works best for you. Go head to head with your mates in a real life archery competition, and fight for the right to call yourselves Merrie Men!

Human Table Football

Hands-down the best stag weekend laugh you'll ever have, human table football is the perfect antidote to Saturday hangovers! Forget running around like a headless chicken, falling on your arse and tossing your cookies in an ignominious sweaty heave. After a serious night out in Blackpool, you and your fellow stags get to play the beautiful game like real men: strapped safely to massive poles in an inflatable fooseball table!

The boys will be split into two teams and fitted to the giant pitch by our expert game marshals. After a quick rundown of safety information, your big match kicks off. And no-one has to run anywhere. Flail, kick and blow at the huge ball in desperation as the opposition score ricochet after ricochet.

Just like a real table football game, your players can move side to side by sliding their foam bar protector along the pole. Unfortunately, though, you won't be able to generate extra power by spinning players unless you have a couple of breakdancers along for the stag weekend!

The human table football pitch is just outside Blackpool, so you won't have to travel far to get your kicks.

Talk to your marshal about red carding the stag at every opportunity!

Night Club Entry

Best men, attention please. Your core duty (apart from making sure the stag gets smashed for three days' straight without getting lost/arrested/into trouble) is to sort out the big Saturday night. And that, of course, means nightclub entry. Get the jump on the stag weekend with entry to the biggest and best clubs in Blackpool.

An essential part of your survival kit for a Blackpool stag weekend, party wristbands include queue jump admission to multiple bars, drinks offers and nightclub entry. This is your big night out sorted in one go. Stroll past the long queues, flash your passes at the bouncers and get the whole group in with no bother.

Party passes get you into the liveliest bars in Blackpool's main nightlife areas like Talbot Square, Queen Street, Market Street and the Promenade. All the best pubs, bars and clubs are in the town centre within walking distance so you won't have to splash out on taxis.

If you do want to go clubbing on a stag night in Blackpool, sorting nightclub entry in advance is a wise move. Friday and Saturday nights are insanely busy. Wing it on the night and you may have to cut the celebrations short. No best man wants that stain on his record.


Whether you want a no-fuss business-type hotel in the middle of Blackpool, a B&B on the seafront or a characterful boutique bed, we can sort it for you. From self-catering apartments to grand old hotel rooms, from friendly hostels to contemporary four star designer hotels, we'll get you the best deals on the best places for your budget.

Let us know if there's a specific part of town you'd like to be in - close to the Promenade, near to the Pleasure Beach - or ask your stag party adviser for recommendations if you know where your activities are but not where to sleep. We'll get you the hotel, hostel or B&B that puts you exactly where you want to be: within staggering distance of the bars and clubs, or out in a quieter, upscale part of town. Whatever you need, and whatever level of functionality or luxury you're looking for, we've got the inside track.

Make the accommodation budget for your stag weekend go further, thanks to our inside knowledge. We've tested out rooms all over Blackpool to bring you a list of the best value, stag party friendly places in town. We'll help you find friendlier budget places, where bargain still means clean and well-run; mid-range rooms with a surprising amount of extras; and top-end swank that blows the competition clean out of the water.

Prices are based on 1 nights' accommodation however 2 nights' accommodation is also available.


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From Only £87.00 Per Person

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