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Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing Class

Get a little class with your ass in this art-tastic afternoon activity! Perfect for stag parties that don’t want to go down the strip club route, a nude life drawing afternoon gets the boys up close and personal with a stone hottie: and because it’s all in the name of art, the missis back home can’t say a word!

We’ve found a very relaxed private studio in the heart of Birmingham, which is yours for a whole hour. A girl-next-door model, 100% natural and guaranteed to be pencil-snappingly cute, is on hand to run through a series of snappy poses. Your challenge: to sketch her as rapidly as you can, before she bends herself into a new position!

A professional art teacher will give you tips on line, shading and composition - and at the end of the session, your model will choose the sketches she likes the best. Whose nib work will go down a storm?

This is a great way to get your stag party in front of some top quality totty without all the leering, yelling and overpriced drinks you’d find in a booby bar. Get your fill of the body beautiful in a brilliant creative space, then head out to conquer Birmingham’s nightlife, refreshed and revitalised by your artistic prowess! 

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