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No stag weekend in Albufeira is complete without at least one visit to a nightclub. Saturday night's the traditional big one, so make sure your mates are sorted before you even leave the UK with a guaranteed night club entry pass. Doesn't matter how heaving the hottest club in town gets - with your stag party entry passes you get priority treatment, straight to the front of the line.

Let's face it fellas, there's only one reason you come to Albufeira on your stag weekend. Hotties in extremely revealing clothing, winding their bodies to floor-fillers old and new. Well, that and loads of booze. When Albufeira's clubs are pumping, you get both in massive quantities! Enjoy the jealous looks as you saunter in whenever you fancy it, get in the mood with a few shots - then spread out and start partying. Your guide will make sure you get the best of everything, and the local ladies will do the rest!

Why bother with the worry of trying to find the best club on the night? Get everything squared away in advance, and you can hit the town for your stag night out with no hassles. Get 'em in, and get on the dancefloor!

Your Albufeira night club entry package includes:

  • A guide
  • Premium night club entry