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Take advantage of the weather and fantastic conditions and get stuck into some water sports. Stag parties up for adrenaline-charged fun are in for an awesome experience. Don't sit on the beach all day. Round up the troops and get involved!

If you're up for a change from the usual activities for stag parties, water sports are the way to go. How often do you get the chance to charge across the open waters on powerful jet bikes or blasters? Charge along the coastline and feel the wind against your face as you open the throttle and give it some!

The sun's blazing, the waters are inviting and the rush is second to none. This is one hell of a way to wave goodbye to the single life. Emerge buzzed up to the max and gagging for another go.

Try your hand at one or more of the following water sports:

Cable skiing
Jet bikes
Jet blaster
Water skiing
Wind surfing

*Availability subject to location.